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this is merely to denote myself about my body.

mainly on the record of some morphological, anatomial, and medical aspects.
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主要是記述在我學我的身體時得到的一些拉七拉雜的資料,不過我想可能不是對我自己有用而已,所以有一些我會多多少少地改成中文化。all the news may be the important informations so i would translate to short notes here. [2010.05.29]

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Chances of surviving cardiac arrest depends on your neighborhood

ScienceDaily (2010-06-01) -- The odds of surviving cardiac arrest may depend on which part of town you call home and whether anyone in the neighborhood comes to your rescue by attempting to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), according to a new study.


cardiac arrest【醫】心搏停止,心臟停跳
cardiopulmonary resuscitation復甦 (CPR)

Journal Reference:
Comilla Sasson et al. Small Area Variations in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest: Does the Neighborhood Matter? Annals of Internal Medicine, June 2010

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