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this is merely to denote myself about my body.

mainly on the record of some morphological, anatomial, and medical aspects.
[since 2010.05.24]
主要是記述在我學我的身體時得到的一些拉七拉雜的資料,不過我想可能不是對我自己有用而已,所以有一些我會多多少少地改成中文化。all the news may be the important informations so i would translate to short notes here. [2010.05.29]

Thursday, July 15, 2010



1. Anxious Parents Misdiagnose Milk Formula Intolerance

ScienceDaily (2009-06-19) -- Some parents may be unnecessarily switching infant milk formulas for their healthy infants. A new study found that many parents misinterpret common baby behaviors as milk intolerance and needlessly switch formulas without consulting a health professional.

2. New Insights On Link Between Early Consumption Of Cows' Milk And Type-1 Diabetes

ScienceDaily (2008-05-07) -- Researchers in Maine report a new explanation for the mysterious link between consumption of cows' milk protein in infant formula early in life and an increased risk of later developing Type-1 diabetes. A protein in cow's milk that triggers an unusual immune response appears to be the main culprit, they say.

3. Animal Protein Allergies Explained

ScienceDaily (2007-10-16) -- New research explains why more people are allergic to cow's milk than horse's milk. The relatedness of an animal food protein to a human protein determines whether it can cause allergy, according to new research. In theory all proteins have the potential to become allergens, but the study found that in practice the ability of animal food proteins to act as allergens depends on their evolutionary distance from a human equivalent.

4. New Evidence On Benefits Of Breast Feeding

ScienceDaily (2008-08-12) -- Researchers have identified proteins in human breast-milk -- not present in cow's milk -- that may fight disease by helping remove bacteria, viruses and other dangerous pathogen's from an infant's gastrointestinal tract. 

5. Why is breast milk best? It's all in the genes

ScienceDaily (2010-05-13) -- The ability to track which genes are operating in an infant's intestine has allowed scientists to compare the early development of breast-fed and formula-fed babies. For the first time, researchers can see that breast milk induces genetic pathways that are quite different from those in formula-fed infants.

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